Flyers for Jimmy

White Dove Release

In 2017, I suffered a loss of my nephew Jimmy, as a result of his battle with mental health. At the time of his Celebration of Life, we had a White Dove release, that was not how or what I would've expected. That, release, ignited a purpose, a drive, a mission in me, to pursue and create a beautiful, humane release of Doves. That original release, that I was able to witness, set such an incredible impression on me, that I was going to devote myself, put everything I had into this, so that everyone would be able to have that everlasting, unforgettable impression, that is deserved. 

So, here we are today, with multiple locations spanning across multiple states, and our mission is not over. We are continuing to grow and share beautiful releases Nationwide!

The White Dove, also known as a “Homing Pigeon”, has the ability, once released to fly back home, from hundreds of miles upon release, if properly trained and cared for. We take, extreme pride in all of our birds from birth. All of our birds are properly banded from birth, as to make sure, that they are, or can be identified. Upon our releases, we are able to take pride, in having our clients, receive the comfort and joy, in knowing that the birds will confidently fulfill their path/journey.

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Flyers for Jimmy White Dove Release
Kenneth Moore II - President

Michigan, United States

Eastern Michigan Counties, MI
Founder - Kenneth Moore II

Services include Eastern Michigan Counties

Blue Water Area, St. Clair Counties, MI
Bird Handler/Loft Owner -Steve Czaiczynski

Services include Blue Water Area, St. Clair Michigan Counties

Metro Detroit, Wayne Counties, MI
Founder - Kenneth Moore II

Services include Metro Detroit Area, Michigan

Upper Peninsula, Sault Saint Marie, MI
Bird Handler/Loft Owner - Emily Hastings

Services to include Sault Saint Marie and Upper Peninsula Counties

Indiana, United States

Kokomo, IN
Bird Handler/Loft Owner - Mark Newby

Services surrounding Kokomo, Indiana

Martinsville, IN
Bird Handler/Loft Owner - Tyler

Services surrounding Martinsville, Indiana

Illinois, United States

Skokie, IL
Bird Handler/Loft Owner

Services surrounding Skoki, Illinois

Kentucky, United States

Louisville, KY
Bird Handler/Loft Owner

Services surrounding Louisville, Kentucky

Florida, United States

Sarasota, FL
Bird Handler/Loft Owner - Jackie Greenough

Services surrounding Sarasota, Florida

West Virginia, United States

Kenova, WV
Bird Handler/Loft Owner - Dwight

Services surrounding Kenova, West Virginia

Tennesse, United States

Clarksville, TN
Bird Handler/Loft Owner - Mir

Services surrounding Clarksville, Tennesee